These handy factsheets will help you learn everything about the bogs; from their ancient history, to their working life and their return to nature in the future.

Introduction to the Factsheets

Types of Peatland

Did you know that there’s more than one type of bog? Find out how and why bogs form the way they do.

PDF Download Types of Peatland Factsheet (596 KB)

Milled Peat Production 1

So how much peat do we actually use each year, and what is it used for?

PDF Download Milled Peat Production 1 Factsheet (888KB)

Milled Peat Production 2

Learn what’s involved in harvesting peat and why dry weather is so important for this process.

PDF Download Milled Peat Production 2 Factsheet (860KB)

The Peatlands: Wildlife and Plants

Did you know that peatlands are a veritable haven for biodiversity? Learn more about the plants and animals to be found there.

PDF Download The Peatlands: Wildlife and Plants Factsheet (1.25MB)

The Peatlands of Ireland

So how much of Ireland actually is covered in bogs? How does this compare with the rest of the world? Find out now.

PDF Download The Peatlands of Ireland Factsheet (1.35MB)

Archaeological Finds

Learn about the amazing things that have been found in bogs, and why the bogs have preserved them so well.

PDF Download Archaeological Finds Factsheet (848KB)

Cutaway Bog

Find out what happens to bogs when they are no longer being harvested for peat.

PDF Download Cutaway Bog Factsheet (1MB)

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